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Mixing, mastering, production and arrangement 

This service is offered to artists who may already have a recording setup at home or elsewhere. Lets face it. Mics, interfaces and software are accessible to everyone now and can provide great results without having to leave the house! But what happens after the tracking is done?  You've worked hard to get some really good takes which brings us to the mixing and mastering process. When you are self producing, its easy to lose perspective and become "too close"  the music. Maybe you would simply like another set of ears to take over for a fresh perspective or perhaps you are not confident with the quality and accuracy of your mixing environment. Sending your tracks through for mixing and mastering is great way to takes things up another level.

  • Take advantage of the services of an experienced mix engineer working out of a professional studio environment with accurate monitoring and neutral acoustics


  • An extensive suite of high-end plugins and analogue gear


  • Live hook ups possible via various streaming services. This effectively enables you to "sit in" on the mixing session if you wish.


  • Multiple mix revisions. We keep mixing till its right!


Additional production/arranging........
  • I have access to numerous professional musicians (as well as being one myself). If you are looking to add extra instrumentation to your tracks.


  • I also work closely with several experienced songwriters and arrangers who can help with song structures or even collaborate and co write.


  • Live hookups can be arranged to help facilitate this service. 



  • If you have any questions at all about this service please make CONTACT


  • Prices are negotiable and each project is different so please call or email and we can discuss things further. 


  • If you decide to go ahead with an online mixing session I will require STEMS of each individual track. (no effects, no compression eq or anything else). These can be uploaded to the studio drop box along with any other reference materials or notes you may have. 



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